Unique Code

So the other day when I was out walking my dog, I got to thinking about how even if you reuse or recycle code, it always ends up being unique. I got to thinking this in kind of a round-about way. I was walking my pug while jamming out to my iphone and this song came on called ring the alarm. It can get people hyped up…. if they let it, which I was…. because it was hot and sticky and I needed something to keep me going, as I had already trekked home from the metro and was already gross, but Aldy (my pug) needed me. So I just let the music over take me. Started dancing…. dude across the street in cowboy boots and a lot of denim saw me and was laughing to himself… I saw him laughing to himself after I did the turn around move. And that got me to thinking about that cliche phrase about dancing like no one is watching. This thought turned into coding like no one is going to see it.

Often times when I know certain people are going to see and judge certain parts of code, even if it is functioning and looks good, I still try to perfect what isn’t broken. This has actually gotten me into trouble before. And not that I am able to do this all of the time, but I try to code like no one is going to see it; like my brother isn’t going to rip me a new one for putting in too much and doing things in a more round about way than he would. Don’t get me wrong, my brother is an amazing coder. He is better than I am as far as logic and the way of thinking like a coder. He does things in precise ways and knows shortcuts I don’t, so when I say he rips me a new one, what I really mean is he chides me a little, asking WHY I did “x” in 5 steps when there was a way I could have done it in 3 steps. I learn stuff from him, just get a little nervy wondering if I am doing it right even when it is functioning.

I guess it has to do with confidence. Coding is what I do for a living, in and out of work. Yet, I am the least confident in this area of my life (prolly why I practice so much)

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