Updates and Overthinking

Updates: This year I was on the organizing committee for Drupal Govcon! There were about 15-20 of us on this committee that worked our butts off for approx 12 months to bring back a FREE event for the DC drupal community! It was a lot of work, but a ton of fun! We had three full days of sessions plus extended code sprints. We had people come from all over the place to participate and attend our Drupal Camp. It was an impressive turn out! Our attendance capped at 1200 and the highest attendance was on Day 1 when Angie Byron (@webchick) gave our opening keynote!

The conference went off without much of a hitch. There was a minor glitch with lunches on Thursday, but we took the experience and learned from it and plan to improve upon it for next year.

We tried really hard to make sure that it was a good experience for all involved and I know that the organizing committee had a blast doing it all! Whew! It also allowed me to really make some bonds and lasting friendships with some of the people in the drupal community! I joined IRC for the first time and managed to get in a commit to core! All in all, big wins for both me and the organizing committee team!

I am also approx 3 months into my new gig over at Fish and Wildlife Refuge System. There is no feast or famine in regards to work load, which is good for me! There is always a feast! Tons of work to do all of the time because the site has been somewhat neglected. I am working to update the HTML template (yea… I said it… HTML!!! crazy right??!) and add a bunch of modern CSS to bring it into the responsive world so that it can be viewed by mobile well. My boss is pretty thrilled about it and likes viewing the new portions of the site on his iphone 6 plus. I find this to be awesome and gives me a chuckle every time he pulls it up on his phone.

My boss is also very supportive in most of my ideas which is awesome! It gives me a chance to try some new things and stretch my wings a little and see what I can do and what I still need to work on or learn.

As part of DOI, our near future will include porting over all coldfusion and HTML stuff to drupal soon, which I am super stoked for, so I am prepping by doing a number of things. I got my time in the coder lounge at drupalgovcon, I have a sandbox setup and have ensured my coworker who doesnt know drupal has gotten training. I am also brushing up on some of my skills in my spare time by picking up some challenging sidework.

Which brings me to overthinking… I have been overthinking some of the newer issues on my sidework. So much so, that I finally just had to google a solution on one of em. So simple and yet I couldnt get it without googling <sigh>.

anywho…. I will leave you with this final image:


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