• Updates and Overthinking

    Updates: This year I was on the organizing committee for Drupal Govcon! There were about 15-20 of us on this committee that worked our butts off for approx 12 months to bring back a FREE event for the DC drupal community! It was a lot of work, but a ton of fun! We had three full days of sessions plus extended code sprints. We had people come from all over the place to participate and attend our Drupal Camp. It was an impressive turn out! Our attendance capped at 1200 and the highest attendance was on Day 1 when Angie Byron (@webchick) gave our opening keynote!

    The conference went off without much of a hitch. There was a minor glitch with lunches on Thursday, but we took the experience and learned from it and plan to improve upon it for next year.

    We tried really hard to make sure that it was a good experience for all involved and I know that the organizing committee had a blast doing it all! Whew! It also allowed me to really make some bonds and lasting friendships with some of the people in the drupal community! I joined IRC for the first time and managed to get in a commit to core! All in all, big wins for both me and the organizing committee team!

    I am also approx 3 months into my new gig over at Fish and Wildlife Refuge System. There is no feast or famine in regards to work load, which is good for me! There is always a feast! Tons of work to do all of the time because the site has been somewhat neglected. I am working to update the HTML template (yea… I said it… HTML!!! crazy right??!) and add a bunch of modern CSS to bring it into the responsive world so that it can be viewed by mobile well. My boss is pretty thrilled about it and likes viewing the new portions of the site on his iphone 6 plus. I find this to be awesome and gives me a chuckle every time he pulls it up on his phone.

    My boss is also very supportive in most of my ideas which is awesome! It gives me a chance to try some new things and stretch my wings a little and see what I can do and what I still need to work on or learn.

    As part of DOI, our near future will include porting over all coldfusion and HTML stuff to drupal soon, which I am super stoked for, so I am prepping by doing a number of things. I got my time in the coder lounge at drupalgovcon, I have a sandbox setup and have ensured my coworker who doesnt know drupal has gotten training. I am also brushing up on some of my skills in my spare time by picking up some challenging sidework.

    Which brings me to overthinking… I have been overthinking some of the newer issues on my sidework. So much so, that I finally just had to google a solution on one of em. So simple and yet I couldnt get it without googling <sigh>.

    anywho…. I will leave you with this final image:


  • And, we’re Back

    I finally got around to updating the code on this site and updating the projects and explanations. I am pretty jazzed with how it turned out. I started a git and while it is ridiculously empty, I do have some code I am getting ready to upload!

    I have been teaching with Girl, Develop it! and really enjoying my time with them. I am hoping to develop a drupal series of courses with the help of some of the slides and learning things already in existence over at Acquia.

    I have a lot of big goals and big ideas and since I am not doing a lot of side development work, and I am not in school… I have a lot of free time and I am pretty excited to put it to use on projects that I want to do and I want to work on.

  • git

    I need to start a github and upload all of my java project. I am getting ready to embark on some app design that i intend to release. Will probably put those files up there also. Will check in more later. But these are some notes to myself to ensure that I do this.

  • DrupalCon Days 2 and 3

    Ok, I needed to write this post last week or really like… yknow, 2-3 weeks back, but I had an failure of epic proportions and often times, I just get caught up over on my other blog which is where (in all honesty) I spend most of my time, but I am working on remedying this as I really want to have an outlet to post on as I go through school and as I work through Drupal fun at work. So I am trying to rebuild/build this blog up. So without further ado, I give you the rest of drupalcon Portland 2013!

    Day 2

    I feel like I could write an entire post on the keynote from Day 2 alone. The keynote for Day 2 of DruaplCon Portland was AWESOME! I know a lot of people would disagree with what Karen McGrane had to say about WYSIWIG editors and various other topics in the keynote, but I really feel like she made some excellent points. She focused on the fact that we are no longer in the world of print or just desktop web. Not everyone is on the same platform anymore when accessing the World Wide Web. This is important to note, not only for developers but for content producers. You cannot treat the web as a print medium like so many people want to. So she talked about this for a while and then went on to stress that WYSIWYG editors were only constraining us and that the problem with this wasnt just in content or on the front end but also with the CMS itself and while responsive design was a solution, it was only a front-end solution and one that didn’t think far enough ahead but really only worked for the here and the now. Instead of thinking in pages with content, it is best to start encouraging people to think in chunks <– I thought this point was very valuable especially with a robust and easy to manipulate system like Drupal. (more…)

  • DrupalCon Portland, Day 1

    DAY 1

    I left my house to head to Reagan National Airport at 5am. My flight left at 7:00am. I had a layover in Seattle before heading to Portland. When I arrived in Portland, the idea was to go directly from the airport to the conference and pray that they had lockers or something where I could store my extra bag.

    I showed up at 12pm Portland time, lunch time for the conference. Almost dinner time for me on the east coast. It was definitely interesting to travel for what felt like a day and then pretend it was the middle of the day. Anywho, I had a full day of sessions ahead of me. After I ate, I went to find the first session I wanted to watch. The first session I went to was What Users Want (or Why Webpages are Dead) — From the summary I thought the session was going to be awesome and go into detail about how we needed to focus on moving to other platforms and HOW to do it… but I thought wrong. I thought it would be better than it was. For the first 40 minutes the presenters discussed basics beyond beginner. I was a little disappointed to say the least. The presenters themselves were enthusiastic and I think had good knowledge in their brains, but seemed to be hoarding it and keeping it away from me. After 45 minutes, I got up and went to seek out some coffee and plan out the rest of my afternoon. (more…)

  • DrupalCon Portland 2013


    Follow me on instagram ( or on twitter ( for all of my live tweets from sessions and lunches and meet and greets! More posts to come about what I learn as I am learning.

  • NASA Made the List

    I feel so honored! I was a part of the webteam in a year that it got a Webby AND made Time’s list of 50 best website; check out the article! SO AWESOME!!!!


    Damn, it feels good to be a gangster!

  • Tech Shares and Updates

    After having a discussion on twitter using the hashtag #askagoogler, I can only say that I have been inspired. And the timing of inspiration couldn’t have come at a better moment. Today, when I checked my personal email, I had two emails from my brother. One, which describes a NASA infographic challenge and two, which discusses 80+ resources you can get from Microsoft for free on your eReader.

    It seems that the world really does work in mysterious ways and while I may not be the best in some areas, there are many other things that i am half way decent to awesome at and I intend to improve and move forward and advertise my awesomeness.


  • Unique Code

    So the other day when I was out walking my dog, I got to thinking about how even if you reuse or recycle code, it always ends up being unique. I got to thinking this in kind of a round-about way. I was walking my pug while jamming out to my iphone and this song came on called ring the alarm. It can get people hyped up…. if they let it, which I was…. because it was hot and sticky and I needed something to keep me going, as I had already trekked home from the metro and was already gross, but Aldy (my pug) needed me. So I just let the music over take me. Started dancing…. dude across the street in cowboy boots and a lot of denim saw me and was laughing to himself… I saw him laughing to himself after I did the turn around move. And that got me to thinking about that cliche phrase about dancing like no one is watching. This thought turned into coding like no one is going to see it.

    Often times when I know certain people are going to see and judge certain parts of code, even if it is functioning and looks good, I still try to perfect what isn’t broken. This has actually gotten me into trouble before. And not that I am able to do this all of the time, but I try to code like no one is going to see it; like my brother isn’t going to rip me a new one for putting in too much and doing things in a more round about way than he would. Don’t get me wrong, my brother is an amazing coder. He is better than I am as far as logic and the way of thinking like a coder. He does things in precise ways and knows shortcuts I don’t, so when I say he rips me a new one, what I really mean is he chides me a little, asking WHY I did “x” in 5 steps when there was a way I could have done it in 3 steps. I learn stuff from him, just get a little nervy wondering if I am doing it right even when it is functioning.

    I guess it has to do with confidence. Coding is what I do for a living, in and out of work. Yet, I am the least confident in this area of my life (prolly why I practice so much)

  • Hello world!

    funny thing about this post… i wrote about 5 different iPhone apps today with the same title. It seems that Hello World is the classic starting program that professors, teachers and etc always tell you to open up with. We have two peeps teaching the iPhone app dev camp I am doing this week. Both write books about iOS and iPhone/iPad dev. One used to work for Apple (AWESOME!!!) and one is just bad ass!

    This is one of the best programs I could have asked to come to, and the best part… im being paid to be here and learn stuff. LOVE IT! LOVE doing neat things and learning new stuff and getting paid to do it.

    More as more comes. Going to start pushing out apps to the app store hopefully. I will keep you posted.