Summary of Qualifications:

I am an enthusiastic reliable worker with a willingness to learn in any position. In the past seven years I’ve been working in web development, I have undertaken a wide variety of projects such as teaching myself SQL, PHP, and iOS development so that I can create new web applications and software which utilize these languages. I have worked extensively with HTML, CSS and jQuery/Javascript in order to utilize various design techniques. I am a creative thinker and work outside the box for solutions to problems in order to stay at the top of the industry. As a leader, I have taught and trained many people as well as managed over 400 websites and 3 projects (which included multiple web applications and websites). My specific computer science and web development abilities include:



●  CSS
●  JavaScript
●  JQuery
●  XML
●  CSS3
●  HTML5


●  Java
●  Objective C
●  MySQL
●  Oracle
●  PHP
●  Project Management

●  Adobe Photoshop
●  Adobe Dreamweaver
●  Microsoft Office
●  Adobe Flash
●  Adobe Premiere Pro
●  NetBeans
●  Eclipse
●  XCode

●  Mac
●  Windows


●  Drupal
●  WordPress
●  Joomla
●  PeopleSoft



Smithsonian Institution Libraries—February 2013 – Present
Information Technology Specialist – Web Developer

  • Creating web graphics, tag lines, editing web content
  • Developing, implementing, and testing evaluation plans for Drupal and WordPress systems
  • Looking for holes in security and firewalls of servers during testing for Database IT Software that was built in-house
  • Maintains, manages information architecture of internets and extranets
  • Edits and maintains sections of Sharepoint site (intranet)
  • Analyzes software and hardware in test environments and provides detailed feedback and solutions for problems based on tests
  • Working with boss to develop software development and testing standards for Digital Services Division
  • Tested for and ensured functionality across platforms, creating and honing multiple platform standards in design, development, and testing
  • Designed, developed, and managed systems that met current and future software requirements given to us by management
  • Participates in many special projects and special teams with other IT developers, testers and architects
  • Works with Library staff to create and test UI designs and test cases upon implementation of applications
  • Integrated web applications and modules into Drupal after heavy testing
  • Developed scripts to test multiple modules developed
  • Assisting in developing strategic communications plans in support of specific program initiatives
  • Assisting with creation, administration and deployment of strategic planning through audio and visual means
  • Reviewing and analyzing software development and implementation strategies and made recommendations and suggestions for new applications that could be created to assist with plugging security holes within Smithsonian Libraries systems
  • Creating and testing multimedia and software applications, prototypes, wireframes and designs for various sections of the website and other print and publication outlets.
  • Developing effective and efficient User Interfaces
  • Redesign of the Smithsonian Libraries Blog (wordpress) to a responsive design (to be released in the near future), utilizing HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript
  • Evaluating IT architecture in design and development of WordPress CMS, testing XSS (Cross Site Scripting, Sql Injection Vulnerabilities, etc) and other quality assurance things
  • Creating requirements and policy documents on communication strategies at the Libraries; editing and reviewing requirements and policy documents for various collections and sections of the website.
  • Analyzing, tracking and producing a monthly report on blog and website metrics/statistics
  • Constantly analyzing the user experience on the website and the blog, ensuring that the design matches up with usability testing results and maintains the proper and relevant techniques
  • Creating multimedia applications within Drupal to increase usability (based on metrics and analytics)
  • Conducting surveys and providing advice based on surveys for new software to enhance UI and UX
  • Developing strategic communications plans in support of specific program initiatives relating to multimedia project creation and development
  • Excellent communication skills demonstrated through various techniques

Innovative Technologies Inc.—October 2011 – February 2013
Web Editor and Multimedia Developer for NASA

  • Creating and testing mobile applications in jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 (Year in Review 2012, updated Day of Remembrance)
  • Creating web graphics, tag lines, editing web content, adding meta data for 508 compliance
  • Creating and updating information on the website and within the CMS utilized by NASA
  • Video captioning and editing for the multimedia team at NASA to produce high-quality, 508 compliant materials
  • Assisting in creation and testing of an Android mobile application development for new NASA app (never released) – programmed in java
  • Creation of Web application that pulls in all social media feeds; utilizing PHP, HTML, CSS and CSS3 which is going through many approvals and the development process at NASA
  • Worked with a team of contractors and civil servants to create, test and implement software applications, utilizing both Agile and Waterfall methodologies
  • Created several Flash Interactive pieces (Apollo 40, Scott Carpenter piece, etc) and led the team in script and browser testing
  • Led multimedia team in testing Flash Facebook game, organizing agency-wide testing
  • Some writing and technical documentation for the Facebook Space Race BlastOff App
    • The web team won the Judge’s Webby and the People’s Voice Webby in the Government category

Narconon Arrowhead—April 2009 – October 2011
Web Master and Manager

  • Developing and managing websites (joomla and WordPress) and updating the current sites, creating graphics for the websites and writing articles for the sites, utilizing HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript
  • Editing articles, press releases, and web content; teaching other people how to use content management systems that I have installed on our domain names and developed
  • Developed an online learning community as well as customized software for use of cloud-based systems, using PHP and HTML
  • Developed applications used on iPhones as well as worked on setting up and mapping out a new network system for seven divisions of the organization and installing multiple new servers (utilizing Objective-C)
  • Searched out information about new systems and creating technical manuals for customers and colleagues alike, to utilize new network to fullest capabilities
  • Working with Content Management Systems to be utilized by the organization in various capacities (WordPress and Joomla), based in PHP, HTML and CSS
  • Created wireframes and prototypes for designing and redesigning various websites
  • Researched all information necessary and pertinent to utilizing new CMS systems developed as well as documenting the new CMS and creating and writing a technical manual for the CMS


Randstad Contractor for Discovery Communications Inc.—May 2008 – December 2009

Junior Interactive Producer

  • Developed and created portions of the Planet Green website (
  • Updated, edited and managed the content from the CMS, Teamsite
  • Posted articles to the website as well as wrote and edited articles for the Planet Green and Treehugger websites


Newport Hall Contractor for House of Representatives—February – April 2007

Web Designer – Tier 1

  • Responded to emails and phone calls to assist in starting tickets in Remedy (a CMS/Database System) in order to begin to repair the issue addressed via email or phone call
  • Repaired the issue addressed, or requested the changes that would have to be completed


Comsys Contractor for Sprint Nextel—August – December 2006

Web Content Project Manager and Editor

  • Reviewed requirements sent in from business owners and ensured the documents were complete before passing them on to employees for the website
  • Made sure requirements were completed by deadline
  • Posted PPP requests to the internet via Teamsite (CMS)


CIBER Inc. Contractor for OTJAG/Army—May – August 2006

Web Technical Administrator (Technical Writer)

  • Reviewed web designed applications for the JAGCorps (Army)
  • Wrote the technical manuals for the applications, explaining to the end-user how to use and manipulate the web programs/applications


Indiana Space Grant Foundation—November 2005-April 2006

Web Master Assistant

  • Updated the website every week
  • Scripted HTML
  • Readjusted the PHP and SQL in the Control Management System (XOOPS) being used on the INSGC site (
  • Wrote articles for the newsletter



Virginia Tech—August 2010 – August 2014

Masters in Information Technology with concentrations in Cyber Security and Software Engineering


Purdue University—August 2001 – May 2005

Major: English Literature, Political Science

Minors: Spanish