Summary of Qualifications:

I am an enthusiastic reliable worker with a willingness to learn in any position. In the past 12 years, I’ve been working in web development and digital communications. I have undertaken a wide variety of projects. I can create new web applications and software in several different programming languages and development environments, as well as write digital and communications strategies!

I am a creative thinker and work outside the box for solutions to problems in order to stay at the top of the industry. As a leader and manager, I have taught and trained many people as well as managed over 400 websites and 3 projects (which included multiple web applications and websites).

I have written and edited a lot of copy for the web; I have been utilized for 508 compliance (captioning, metadata, etc) as well as SEO (search engine optimization) and have helped in creating and implementing strategic plans throughout my 12 years in the web development and digital comms industries.

Programming languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, MySQL, REST APIs
CMSs: Drupal (module development, theming, site building), WordPress (theming, plugin development), Joomla
Extensive experience with: writing and implementation of communications and digital strategies, blog management, social media management, content audits, content strategy, Adobe creative suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, etc)


Information Resources Technology Management, USFWS—July 2016 – Present
Information Technology Specialist – Program Manager and Enterprise-wide Lead for Drupal Development

  • Managing drupal environment
  • Set up drupal environment for the agency with Git for better version control, team collaboration and task management
  • Managing project/program selection, project prioritization, evaluation and monitoring, quality management, and resource allocations.
    • Carried out through multiple-related IT projects
  • Responsible for the overall planning, direction, and management of drupal development for the entirety of USFWS (8 regions, plus HQ)
  • Managing a team of drupal developers
  • Programming, quality assurance testing modules for drupal
  • Ensuring the optimal integration of each component or module into the USFWS drupal environment


National Wildlife Refuge System, USFWS—May 2015 – July 2016
Information Technology Specialist – Webmaster/Web Developer

  • Planning, developing and implementing best practices for accessibility and strategy relating to the web, social media, design and content for both internal and external communications
  • Wrote the Digital Services section of the Communications strategy and made recommendations for the rest of the communications strategy
  • Assisting in standing up the Digital Services branch
  • Plans and executes online media campaigns to provide greater understanding of the NWRS, working in tandem with the Branch of Communications
  • Serves as an advisor for digital media communications strategies, initiatives and messaging
  • Currently identifying and working on developing training for the branch of Digital Services, the branch of Communications and External Affairs
  • Planning and developing projects for the digital services team to work on
  • Helping set priorities for the web team
  • Providing advice, counsel, and instruction to coworkers on web 2.0 technologies actively in use and that we are planning on implementing
  • Coordinates and collaborates with program representatives, cultivating key relationships, to get the web content up to date, make sure they have effectively selected target audiences and are ready to move to future web technologies (drupal)
  • Ensuring that coworkers from Digital Services get the proper and correct training for technology that will further the service’s mission
  • Redesigns and develops web templates
  • Coordinating and collaborating with media relations and public affairs teams to ensure proper content for web and web 2.0 properties
  • Developing web applications and pages

Smithsonian Institution Libraries—February 2013 – May 2015
Information Technology Specialist – Web Developer

  • Creating web graphics, tag lines, editing web content for the museum Drupal site
  • Helps to grow audience and drive engagement through twitter and other web 2.0 technologies (blogs, facebook, tumblr)
  • Coordinates with and helps manage the interdisciplinary social media team for twitter
  • Plans, manages and tracks digital activities and projects
  • Serves as advisor on web-related materials and services
  • Develops modules and themes to improve functionality and ensure meeting of requirements
  • Helps develop social media strategy, plans and campaigns
  • Developing digital content including social media posts, blogs, images, videos and other content for posting (facebook, twitter, etc)
  • Uses metrics and statistics to formulate strategies and ensure the Smithsonian Libraries is taking full advantage of all of it’s digital platforms (social media, website, blog, facebook, etc)
  • Serves as the primary web developer for Smithsonian Libraries, developing modules and drupal themes
  • Working to make the Smithsonian Libraries website and all of its components (images, PDFs, etc) 508 compliant


Innovative Technologies Inc.—October 2011 – February 2013
Web Editor and Multimedia Developer for NASA

  • Creating mobile applications in jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 (Year in Review 2012, updated Day of Remembrance)
  • Participating in web council calls across all NASA directorates
  • Helping guide leadership on guidelines and standards for the web
  • Assisting in the analysis and testing of a variety of open source content management systems for the migration of from proprietary to open source systems
  • Creating web graphics, tag lines, editing web content, adding meta data for 508 compliance
  • Creating infographics and interactives for NASA
  • Creating and updating information on the website and within the CMS utilized by NASA
  • Implemented registration processes for several tweetups/NASA socials and assisted PAOs in using cotweet
  • Helping implement a variety of new and engaging social media strategies and content sharing applications and interactive features that provides messages and vital communications for the agency
  • Video captioning and editing for the multimedia team at NASA to produce high-quality, 508 compliant materials
  • Serves as the technical coordinator and implementer for interactive web applications for (utilizing HTML5, jQuery, and CSS3)
  • Assisting in creation of an Android mobile application for new NASA app (never released)
  • Creation of Web application that pulls in all social media feeds; utilizing PHP, HTML, CSS and CSS3 which is going through many approvals and the development process at NASA
  • Created several Flash Interactive pieces (Apollo 40, Scott Carpenter piece, etc)
  • Assisted with development of Flash Facebook game and content development for Facebook game
  • Some writing and technical documentation for the Facebook Space Race BlastOff App
    • The web team won the Judge’s Webby and the People’s Voice Webby in the Government category


Narconon Arrowhead—April 2009 – October 2011
Web Master and Manager

  • Developing and managing websites (joomla and WordPress) and updating the current sites, creating graphics for the websites and writing articles for the sites, utilizing HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript
  • Supervised web team and managed projects of subordinates
  • Serves as webmaster and project manager for the entirety of the websites owned and worked on at Narconon Arrowhead (over 350)
  • Editing articles, press releases, and web content; teaching other people how to use content management systems that I have installed on our domain names and developed
  • Writing content for the websites
  • Developed an online learning community as well as customized software for use of cloud-based systems, using PHP and HTML
  • Developed applications used on iPhones as well as worked on setting up and mapping out a new network system for seven divisions of the organization and installing multiple new servers (utilizing Objective-C)
  • Searched out information about new systems and creating technical manuals for customers and colleagues alike, to utilize new network to fullest capabilities
  • Working with Content Management Systems to be utilized by the organization in various capacities (WordPress and Joomla), based in PHP, HTML and CSS
  • Created wireframes and prototypes for designing and redesigning various websites
  • Researched all information necessary and pertinent to utilizing new CMS systems developed as well as documenting the new CMS and creating and writing a technical manual for the CMS



Virginia Tech—August 2010 – August 2014

Masters in Information Technology with concentrations in Cyber Security and Software Engineering


Purdue University—August 2001 – May 2005

Major: English Literature

Minors: Political Science, Creative Writing